Monday, April 7, 2014

Rave at Pasig

Rave at Pasig formerly known as Rainforest. It's a park open for public, you will have a discount if you live in Pasig.

Try to visit Rave or Rainforest Adventure Experience,you will love the ambiance and the adventure.

Our first stop was Butterfly House, we paid P10.00 each because we live in Pasig...not bad huh.

Butterfly house, upon entering, they will explain to you the life cycle of a butterly.

My niece Mawie, strike a post, she is sooo beautiful..isn't it?

Wishing well, I dropped a coin and boom...I made a wish

I love this monkey, so adorable and funny

Taken at the Zoo

Chillin' hehe..

Avatar Statue

Sorry for the pictures, it's was kinda blurred my point and shoot camera acting up again. 

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