Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Limited Edition Starbucks 2014 Planner

Another tradition most awaited this season - The Limited Edition 2014 Starbucks Philippines Planner. Collecting begins in 3 days. 

I'm so excited, Red Cup will be out this November and let's start collecting Starbucks Stickers to get SB Limited Edition Planner.

How  to Avail of the Starbucks Planner 2014?

  • From November 2, 2013 to January 8, 2014, you can get a 2014 Starbucks Philippines Planner promo card. You must accumulate a total of eighteen (18) stickers : nine (9) Christmas beverage plus nine (9) core beverages (except bottled drinks) to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2014 Planner. One (1) sticker is awarded for each Starbucks beverage purchase.
  • Just load ₱5,000 on a new Starbucks Card and you’ll get a Starbucks Planner 2014 instantly! Of course, you can also use that ₱5,000 load in your Starbucks Card to buy your favorite handcrafted drinks to earn more stickers (for another Starbucks Planner 2014) while earning stars (which in turn will also earn you free beverages or whole bean) ! That’s a big bonus! Triple Bonus, to be exact.
  • Buy ₱5,000 worth of Starbucks GCs and you’ll also get a Starbucks Planner 2014 instantly!

1 comment:

  1. may nagbebenta ng starbucks dito, nakita nyo na?

    sa mga wala pa at need pa magipon, may nagbebenta ng starbucks dito pwede pa kayo magkaroon.


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