Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Dream / Vision Board

Here is my Vision Board, I will do my best to achieve all of this. Some of my friends didn't respond on my invitation to check my business. Most of them are negative when it comes to Network Marketing, I'm not affected and I'm always positive that I will succeed with the help JC Premiere. POWER!!! To God be the Glory !!

In all my dreams, I always think of my family, I want to share with them whatever I have.

Fortuner and BMW are my dream cars. I need to recruit and sell products to get this. I know I can get it in God's perfect timing. 

I want to visit Disneyland with my family. Work hard and lots of patience... 

I want to visit Singapore with my family.  I will get you by hook or by crook.

My dream house. 

I need to be focus on my new endevour, I'm so excited and positive. I believe that this is the right time to work on my own,no boss and I really want to have my own business and live a comfortable life.


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