Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018 with a BANG

Happy New Year!!! I promise to myself that my 2018 will be another great year for me. I pray to God that I hope I will be permanent on my present job. I know it will happen in God's will. I will face 2018 with full of hope, happiness and LOVE.

I don't want a New Year's Resolution because some of them was not follow haha.

Come what may, Enjoy life to the fullest.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

My November Mini Haul

We went to Ayala Mall 30th at Meralco Avenue and I bought Mumuso Aloe Vera Gel, Vanity Mirror and Hokkaido Milk Whipping Foam. 

Mumuso Aloe Vera Gel is very affordable and it cost me Php 99 only,  while the mirror is Php 149.

I went to Beauty Buffet as well and bought facial foam, I heard good feedbacks about this and I want to try if it will be good on my face. By the way, it cost Php 205 only.

Aloe Vera is so popular today and I got curious about it, well I will give it a try.

By the way,  I will post a review about this products next week. So wait for it. 
Until next time. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

When it Rain,it Pours

I thought my happiness will never end. There was a point in your life that you were down and you did not expect that it will happen. I'm on my second week of training and my trainer told me to report on the clinic regarding my pre employment medical result.

I was so sad because the doctor found out that I have hypertension and he told me to secure cardio clearance and I was sent home. I can't afford to be absent because we are on product training but  I don't have any choice. I need to consult a doctor, the doctor told me that I need to undergo series of test and I should be back on Monday. Wow, by that time our training will be finish, how can I join them.

I'm so disappointed and I cried sooo much, I've waited for this job for almost 20 days and ending, I need to rest and wait for my medical clearance.

I'm so down but I believe that everything happen for a reason. I will just make my force vacation fruitful, I will check to other home base job and who knows I can find a job that suits me.

Lord, God, hope you will help me. I need this job and I have so many payables waiting for me. I have so many responsibilities in life that I need to sustain.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

I'm so Lucky

I want to share the good news, I have work already and I'm just waiting for our training on September 18. Yes, you read it right, I'm HIRED.  I'm jobless for almost two weeks!!  I was totally go insane, no work and money, oh my!!!

Well, my friend told me to apply on their company at Silver City, they need non voice agents.   I was there at exactly 12:30pm, I took the exams which was soooo difficult.  I took it for almost 2 hours,  after I took the exam, they told me to take my lunch and be back at 3:30pm for the interview.  I was interviewed around 4:00pm and advised me that I will be scheduled for final interview, oh yes, I am so happy.  My interview was scheduled at 7:00pm,  I still have 2 hours, it was almost 7pm and we were advised that the manager will interview us around 9pm, we still wait for the manager and oh my, it was almost 9pm and the manager hasn't arrive yet.  To be honest, I really want to give up that time, I'm so tired and worried at the same time.  The operations manager came in around 10pm and informed us that the interview will start after 15 minutes, we are 7 and my name was called around 11:00pm, the interview was fine and she advised me to wait outside for the results. The results came around 11:30pm and I passed the final interview and again advised us to wait for the Job offer,  job offer were finished around 1:30am and I am dead tired 😪
I went home happy because I'M HIRED!!
My 13 hours was not wasted, I got the job and I will br starting on September 18.

I am thinking why hiring process in the Philippines took 13 hours,  yeah I know they have 1 day process but still applicants need to wait that long, it's fine if you will be lucky to get the job, what if you are not meant to that job?
I really hope that in the near future, applicants will not wait that long for the interview, if applicants are not qualified, tell them right away, don't make us wait.
I am thankful that my company gave me a chance to work with them.  Also,  I want to thank the Lord our saviour for the blessings.  I want to thank my brother and his partner, they are so supportive, they've waited for almost 5 hours for me. I really believe that if its meant for you, you will get it no matter what.

Until my next blog, please leave a comment

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Work at Home

I really want to try "work at home" but I dont have any idea about that.  I tried Upwork but O can't understand the in and out, their policy etc etc.

Right now, I'm still checking other sites that can help me to know about work at home.  I'm thinking of changing my career from conventional call center agent to work at home.

Hopefully, I can learn more about it and can start immediately

Job Hunting Experience

I went to WCC building in Mandaluyong and I passed my resume on Convergys.  I passed their initial interview and moved to another interview and they told me that they will profile me to one of their accounts.  They told me to take their online test, I passed all of them so I'm so lucky so I moved again to the next level which is interview with hiring manager and mock calls.  I was so disappointed with the mock calls because they concentrate on product knowledge, they expected me to perfect that mock call, that was the first time I heard about it. I was there from 1pm to 730pm, I tooked 4 sets of exams and total of 6 interviews and they told me, I didnt make it because of technical ability, whew!!!

On a positive side, I learned a lot from that experience and I know I can use that in the future.

It's hard to find a new job but I know God have plans for me, don't lose hope and keep on fighting.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Job Hunting Technique

Day 1 ng pagiging jobless ko, its kinda sad but I dont had any regrets,this is my choice and my work environment is not good anymore. Job hunting, where will I start? Can i get a job as soon as possible? Iyan ang mga tumatakbo sa isip, Im just being positive.

Ano anong paraan ba ang dapat gawin para madaling makahanap ng work?

First - update your jobstreet account, malaking tulong ito sa job hunting, ang dami kasi dito nagpo post na company who needs people for their business

Second - ask ng referral from our friends, we can also ask them if they are hiring or they know any company who need employee.

Third - Attend ng mga jobfair, marami din na company ang nagpapa participate and Im sure makakahanap tayo ng company doon na swak sa qualification natin.

Hope you like this simple tips

Till next blog

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