Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Other side of Me !!

What I really want in my life. Actually, I'm a business minded person, I really want to have my own business.

My dream business are Bar and Boutique. I love clothes and accessories that's why I want to have my own boutique.

When I was in college, me and my friend loves to read Tagalog Pocketbook so we decided to have our own business which is Pocketbook rentals. We bought second hand pocketbook at University Belt and it was a hit that time. Many people went to our place to rent pocketbooks.

My second business, I sold DVD and it was a hit also but when pirated DVD was sold anywhere, sad to say my business did not prosper. 

I ventured to Eloading business but some of my officemates paid their loads during pay day and sometimes I was having a hard time getting their payments so I stopped.

Now, I want to try Eloading again because here in the Philippines, cellphone becomes a necessity and even children have their own cphone.

I'm sure and I will do my  best to prosper on this business. I'm just starting and my capital is not that big yet  but I will use my salary next week to add up on my existing capital.

Three or four years from now if I have enough money, I really want to pursue my dream business which is boutique. That's my biggest dream and I will be happy and contented if I manage my own boutique.

Wish me luck guys !!!

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