Saturday, September 1, 2012

Star City with my Niece and Nephews

Mawie's birthday last August 31, my brother treat his children at Star City and I joined them and I really enjoyed the day, it's a very long and tiring day. It's raining, Star City announced that outdoor rides are closed due to bad weather but when rain stopped they open the outdoor rides.

I want to share our pictures at Star City.

It's raining and we need to walk going to CCP Complex

Picture picture while my brother was buying our tickets.

Marc, Mawie,me and Cyrus

They are so adorable

The Birthday Girl

Peter Pan here we come

Wacky worm,excited much !

Jungle Splash



Bumper Cars,one of their favorite rides

The Mummy

Ready to explore The Mummy

We will invade Pirate Adventure, we will ride on a small sailboat

Chowking Lomi, we are all hungry na

Favorite Chao Fan

Serious??? Super hungry na eh

Blockbuster, we need to fall in line for around 10 minutes to invade Pirate Adventure

Inside Pirate Adventure,so scary tsk tsk

Outside Snow World

I want to go inside!!!

Teddy Bears !!! I will get you

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