Thursday, February 21, 2013

18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Today is the opening day of 18th Hot Air Balloon at Omni Aviation Complex, Clarkfield Pampanga. I went there together with my friends and family to witness this one of a kind event.



The event started with kicked off Flag jumped. It was carried by one of the sky divers. It was accompanied by playing Philippine National Anthem.

There are 30 hot air balloons from different countries that soared to the sky, my favorites are Tulips, Sun, Fire Truck and Space Shuttle.

Most of the spectators are shouting every time the balloons flies.

Filipino Pilot Maynard Halili showed his aerobatic exhibition then followed by Breitling Jet Team. They made fantastic exhibition.

This is a wonderful experience that you should not miss.

Reminder :

Ticket Php 250.00

If you will bring your car, parking fee is Php 50.00 but it's too far to the venue, prepare for a long walk.

There are many stalls on the event site, food will never be a problem.

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