Friday, March 28, 2014

My Birthday 2014

My friends told me that they will drop by at my house on my birthday. I don't want to cook so I bought Pancit Malabon instead.

Lita's Pancit Malabon, it's soooo delicious

They bought Goldilocks Mango Cake,this is my new favorite

Group Picture with the Oba's. Friends for life

My mom bought home made pizza, I really appreciate it.

Mom bought double dutch too.She know me very well

Jhezy, Mau and Nich gave me Starbucks Banoffie Pie, so delicious

Rocky Road Ice cream from Jhezy, Mau and Nich

My forever friends Jhezy and Nich

Group picture

Blow the candle and more to come

From Angel and Joy.

I felt so blessed. My birthday wish..hmmm.. good health for me and my family,peace of mind and world peace,lol

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