Monday, March 2, 2015

My Bucket List

I love blogging and traveling, sometimes hindi nasusunod because of lack of budget, anyway, I really want to share my Bucket List. I will cross it out once it was  done already. 

It includes everything under the sun, traveling, material things...anything. From simple to complicated :)


- Sky Diving in Dubai

- Brand new car

-  Visit Disneyland with my family

- Own a house

- Asian Cruise

- Picnic at Nuvali

- Visit Enchanted Kingdom on my Birthday

- Visit Boracay again,this time with my family

-  Palawan (Puerto Princesa and Coron)

- Staycation with my friends and family

- Brand new Ipad Air

- Lose Weight (determine to do  it) 

- Visit Macchu Picchu in Peru

- Visit Japan

- Visit Korea

_ Experience White Christmas

- Ride a Gondola in Las Vegas

- Fly with Blue Angels (U.S Navy)

- Dolphin Watching in Bohol

- Visit Vigan again

- Get a married proposal and have a blessed married life

- Be a successful Blogger and get an extra income on it

- have a new DSLR Camera

- Visit Batanes

- Visit Miracle Garden in Dubai

- get paid to Travel

- Visit Paris with love one

- Visit Niagara Falls

- Meet Crown Prince of Dubai

- Spend QT time with my whole family


  1. oh we have almost the same bucket list!! nice blog;


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