Wednesday, November 27, 2013

God will not give us what we cannot handle

Whenever I'm down, I always think this phrase " God will not give us what we cannot handle" it encourage me a lot. I know God gave  me trials to remind me that he is always there with me to guide and bless me. I admit that sometimes I got so busy with my work and I had no time to attend mass, I neglect my duty as a son of God.

There are times that I feel that I'm drowning and there's no one to help me,also there was circumstances in my life that was so overwhelming and my world is falling apart. 

God is so good, he always touch my heart and he let me feel that I'm not alone. In return I never lose hope, I made it to the point that I remain positive in life. Whatever problem I encountered I just pray to God and ask to give me strength and encouragement always.

God is waiting for us to open our hearts to him and we should let him in wholeheartedly. 

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