Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Five on Friday - August 30, 2013

This post was kinda late, it should be post last friday but got tied up with my work. Anyway, I will post it today and I want to share with you my Five on Friday.

One - I want to buy my own SLR Camera, I really love photography but I don't have SLR yet because it's too pricey here in the Philippines. I can buy my dream camera this December,hopefully. I will keep my fingers cross.

Two - Last May I got robbed,they got my bag and so sad because I lost my favorite Point and Shoot digital Camera. I always bring digital camera to capture moments. I cried a lot because my brother gave it to me, he bought it when he worked in Middle East. First time I saw this Samsung Camera, I fell in love with it,you can share the pictures on different social network. 

Three - beautiful Tea set, it's so beautiful..for sure my mom will love it so much.

Four - another beautiful Tea Set..love the color so much,it's very girly. I will go to the mall next saturday to canvass for this Tea Set.

Five - much awaited vacation on my next birthday. Boracay Island, see you next year. I will celebrate my birthday there with my friends and family.

Please share your Five on Friday

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