Monday, September 2, 2013

Inspire me Monday # 4

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What’s Inspiring You This Week?

Here’s What’s Inspiring Me…

I saw this picture on Facebook and I really find it cute. Protective brothers to their only sister. We are only two in the family, my brother is so protective of me. He always there for me no matter what. It feels good to have a brother who will protect you.

This cat is so cute,I remember my kitty,they have the same color and they are both naughty. I really love cats and dogs. They complete me. 

When I was young I really want to have a Barbie Doll but my parents cannot afford it that time. When I started working, on my first salary I bought Barbie Doll and until now It's in my room. One of my favorite possession.

I got this photo from Pinterest and it's soooo perfect.  I really love sunrise because for me it means new beginning, a brand new day...a new life, new hope 


  1. Hi Michie, you did a great job on this! The pictures are so amazing. My children's books inspire kids to be their best and follow their dreams. That's a message I would like to share with everyone.

  2. Hi Michie! I;m so glad you stopped by and soooo
    happy you now are a friend.Now that we know where we are in Bloglandis, let's not be strangers!

  3. I love what's inspiring you! Thanks for joining us for Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! :-)

  4. I like the photos, especially the kitty-one, it's super cute :)


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