Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Vacation - Villa Aguilar

Jimenez Family decided to had a Christmas Vacation at Pansol Laguna, we left Manila around 7:00pm and arrived in Pansol around 8:30pm.

We looked for affordable private pool and we decided to stay here in Villa Aguilar. They had two swimming pool, equivalent of four rooms including the attic, kitchen, two toilet and a free use of Videoke.

We checked in at 9:30pm and checked out at 5:00pm

Bed good for three persons

Bed for two persons

 Stairs going to the attic

Kitchen with big tables that can accommodate 25-30 persons 

Mom and grandma waiting for our food

My cousins had so much fun, family bonding,chit chating

Villa Aguilar - Miramonte Village
Calamba Laguna

Villa Aguilar staff are so accommodating
The Place is relaxing and budget friendly (they had problem on their aircon but still their place is so cozy)


  1. Hi Dayutr17, we went there last December 25, 2013 it cost us Php 6,000 from 8:00pm to 5:00pm the next day.


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