Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everyone's Dream

photo from Pinterest

When I was young my ultimate dream is to have a beautiful Fairy Tale wedding. I want to marry the man of my dream who will accept and love me for what I am. Who will respect me and my family as well.

They said that Fairy Tale is not true, it's just an imagination of a romantic mind nevertheless I know that one day I can find and marry my Prince Charming. He may not be the Prince who own the kingdom but I know that he will be the man who will love me and our future children with all his heart, can provide what our family needs.

All of us will find true happiness,just hope and pray and our ultimate dreams will come true. Just have Faith and work for our dreams, don't just dream...make it happen.


  1. I agree, Michie. You will find that special person, a soul mate. I found mine and I don't think people expected that to happen. You will be so blessed when you find your prince.

  2. Hi Deanie,yeah that's true. I'm still waiting and praying for the right man for me. Thanks for dropping by.


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